Recent Creative Works

Remembering the Dead

Remembering the Dead

Installation. Ongoing
A recent victim of gun violence.
Francisco Suarez-Madonado, 27, Las Vegas, Nevada, 1 June 2017 Learn more.

Remembering the Dead: Northern Ireland

Remembering the Dead: Nrt'rn Ireland

eLiterature. Peer reviewed. 2017
Recalls those killed during the Troubles. Published by New Binary Press, Cork, Ireland. Learn more.

Re-Imagined Radio

City of Weird Radio Performance

Radio art. 2017
Re-Imagined Radio project. Five radio plays adapted from anthology of same name. 26 April 2017. Learn more.

Recent News

Scholarly Communications Institute 2017

Invited Fellowship at SCI 2017

Fellowship. 5-9 November 2017
Invited with five other scholar-teachers to consider "Digital Storytelling and the Future(s) of Multimedia Scholarship." Learn more.

BBC Conference

Presentation at BBC Conference

Presentation. Peer reviewed. 2017
"BBC Listeners and Producers Learn the Power of Radio," King's College London, 2-4 February 2017. Learn more.

Digital Studies

Publication in Digital Studies

Publication. Peer reviewed. 2017
"Radio Nouspace: Sound, Radio, Digital Humanities" will be published in Digital Studies, an international, peer-reviewed, open access journal. Learn more.