I convene with the The Creative Media & Digital Culture Program at Washington State University Vancouver. Learn more.


I work in Digital Humanities, digital curating, and radio and sound art. Learn more.


Action research + creative practice can reveal tacit knowledge that theoretical studies alone cannot. Learn more.


Traditional and new media scholarly, research, and other endeavors. International and national. Peer reviewed / juried / curator selected. Learn more


Fall 2018 CMDC Courses
Language, Text, Technology
Usability and Interface Design

Digital Humanities Institute
University of Victoria, Canada. Two volunteer courses annually as service for international DH faculty and graduate students. Learn more.


International radio art broadcasts, sound art installations, performances, and more. Peer reviewed / juried / curator selected. Learn more

Research Projects

Remembering the Dead

Remembering the Dead

Multimedia art. Ongoing.
Memorials to victims of mass shootings in America, and the Troubles in Ireland. Learn more.

The Brautigan Library

The Brautigan Library

Curated manuscripts. Ongoing.
Unwanted, lyrical, haunted. 300+ manuscripts outside commercial publishing interests. Learn more.

Richard Brautigan Bibliography and Archive

Brautigan BiblioArchive

Bibliographic archive. Ongoing.
Premier information resource for Richard Brautigan, his life and writings. Learn more.

Radio Nouspace

Radio Nouspace

Virtual listening gallery. Ongoing.
Curated old time radio programs, radio+sound art, and sound-based narratives. Learn more.

Re-Imagined Radio

Re-Imagined Radio

Radio art. Ongoing.
Curated live radio drama performances as never before seen, or heard. Learn more.

Recent Creative Works

Zambezi River Bridge

Zambezi River Bridge in CD Compilation

Radio art. Juried. 2018
Included in A Radio Bridge across the Zambezi compilation released by Zongwe FM, Sinazongwe, Zambia, April 2018. Learn more.


Ecoustics Selected for Exhibition

Sound art. Juried. 2018
Exhibited during Ecoacoustics Congress international conference, Brisbane, Australia, 24-28 June. Learn more.

There and Back

There and Back: A Sound-based Journey

Sound art. Invited. 2018
Curated as part of first exhibition of electronic literature in the Arab World, Dubai, UAE, 25-27 February. Learn more.

Recent Scholarship

Art, Mé, Mé

Essay Included in Collection

Peer reviewed. 2018
Essay about radio art included in Art, Médium, Média collection published by L'Harmattan, Paris, France. Learn more.

Scholarly Communications Institute 2017

Essay Collected, Republished

Peer reviewed. 2018
"Radio Nouspace: Sound, Radio, Digital Humanities" one of four essays selected for special collection. Learn more.

Arabic Electronic Literature

Presentation at Arabic eLit Conference

Peer reviewed. 2018
Arabic Electronic Literature international conference, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 25-27 February. Learn more.